Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hot Dogs PLUS in Florence, Oregon - Report from Oregon Coast Drifter

Our friend, the Oregon Coast Drifter, recently had a brief visit to an establishment called Hot Dogs PLUS located in Florence, Oregon.

Our friend was obviously disturbed when he sent in this report:

went to "Hot Dogs Plus" first visit...and my last...I rarely leave a restaurant before paying or receiving food and after ordering...BUT...that lady who was handling food was sooo nasty...did not wash plastic gloves...then...if hot dogs are ALL you do, they better be damn spectacular...NOT microwaved oscar meyers on a hoagie roll...nalley chili out of the nasty...we walked out...nothing was paid or served...left her holding the "buns"...out of there...scary...saved our lives for sure...BTW, we ended up leaving mid-preparation, we offered to pay for the buns that were in the MICROWAVE, but they declined to take our money. And we are voting with our feet on this one by NEVER entering their store again.


etathed said...

GD. Thats a damn shame. Im a big fan of hot dog shops. They usually have awesome chili cheese fries as a side dish. ANd that, i dig.

Negative Nancy said...

I love this place.

TEAM FPT said...

FYI: Hot Dogs PLUS (yes they use caps) is located behind the building in the photo.