Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cone Filter Coffee Brewing - Oops Out Of Filters! Not A Problem.

The FPT staff is powered by our friendly foodstuff the coffee bean. Our preferred method is single brews with the plastic cone filters and the special cone filters. This is a great method as you can re-use the same filter/grounds for multiple cups, just adding a lil topper each time.

To explain the picture...the other morning during the holiday FPT team junket we awoke to no filters! With no caffeine in our brains, we roundtabled and came up with the aluminum foil and paper towel filter method. It works. I am super cereal. However, I have heard things about chemicals in paper towels so we are not endorsing this until Harold does some research.


Negative Nancy said...

I dont do coffee.
Please move on.

etathed said...

I dont do coffee either, as i have an addictive personality and dont want to become one of those coffee zombie people. But i have heard coffee wakes the snake.