Thursday, January 28, 2010

Safeway Artisan Bread Sandwiches - Move Over Subway & Quiznos - We Have A Winner!

Team FPT was recently on a junket to go visit a friend of ours (Yancy) who is getting re-connected - if you will - at a nice facility on the Oregon coast when we needed a meal. Bertranndo (former reader - now a staffer) suggested we hit Safeway for their deli sandwiches.

Upon his recommendation we agreed to try these and piled into the store. We found that there were maybe 10 different sandwiches to choose from - all available custom built to your specs as needed. These sandwiches are served on really really good "artisan bread" that when compared to subway or quiznos, it stands alone. The meat is high quality cuts - most of us on Team FPT had forgotten what real deli roast beef is like as we had been dumb-downed by the stuff theu serve at subway. Cheese was top-notch and was all special variety types.

Look at the pictures and you can see what a real deli sandwich should be like. These run for 5.50 for 1/2 sandwich and 9.99 for a full. Now these are not footlongs - maybe 8-9 inches - but they have way more substance per inch they truly cannot be compared to what subway and quiznos offer. Team FPT gives these sandwiches a solid 9.5 rating - one of our highest ever.