Friday, February 12, 2010

Arby's - Bacon Swiss Chicken Sandwich

When the Team FPT mini-van rolled up to Arby's on a recent junket - we almost backed out. There was nobody there - at least inside, not sure about the drive-thru - but would have noticed if there were a lot of cars. This was around 8pm - as the photos show this place was not happening.

However, we were armed with a coupon for 2 of their 'premium' bacon swiss chicken sandwiches for 4.00 - and we did the math using the risk/reward model and decied to go for it. After ordering, a few people wandered in, suprisingly enough they all ahd coupons. Arby's must stay afloat with their coupons - as we see them all the time in various publications.

To the sandwiches, they were fresh - by default, and not too bad. They seemed like 2.00 sandwiches and without the coupon they would have been 3.99 each. So what did we learn from this junket? If you are not banking coupons - Arby's might not be the best choice. Plus we got that weird burned to the crisp maximus tip on the end of our bacon. Team FPT is not ready to endorse or not-endorse Arby's at this time. Our entire staff will do a sit-down roundtable and de-brief ourselves about this visit ASAP.


etathed said...

I love ARBY'S. Especially the Beef N Cheddar. However i am not a big fan of their bacon. Which is odd because bacon is probably the best food on earth. But Arby's Bacon often seems tough, and chewy. Their coupon offers are top notch though.

Barnabus said...

I want an arby's pot roast.