Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger - Carl's Jr. - The Mobi FPT Team Report

Team FPT immediately went Mobi when we heard about this new offering at Carl's Jr, we have a fondness for sourdough bread - especially when used as the 'bun' on a burger.

This was really cheesy good. We got the standard burger and found it to be all we expected - we know the 6.00 version (which actually sells for 5.oo and change) has got to be off the charts.

Most important thing going on with this new burger is the cheese - there is a lot of cheese. Look at the photos above - in the one with the finger, if you look closely you can see a strand of the cheddar stretching from the burger. The photos of the wrapper that is cheese-laden also show that there is no skimping here - it is truly cheesy - cannot emphasize that enough.

Team FPT loves this burger - get one. If you hook up with Carl's Jr. on Facebook & Twitter - you can get web-exclusive coupons!


etathed said...

GD thats a lot of cheese. Looks pretty good. Was the sour dough soggy? I'm a big fan of sourdough but i find it can go soggy, and when that happens it's simply not worth it.

Anonymous said...

No, we can't see because your photos aren't worth shit. Take better photos, please, because the site is awesome, but the photos are wah-waaaaaaah.