Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hot Pockets Subs - Where's The Insides?

Team FPT decided to try the newer Hot Pockets "Subs" line - and with based on the box photo we chose the "Spicy Pepperoni" ones. These are simple heat and eat microwave mini-meals. Everything seemed to be just fine until we took a bite.

There is so little inside of this bread/bun that we found ourselves confused again from a packaging food photo - The pictures above are self-explanatory. Look at the box - then look at our test sub. It was so bad that we decided to bite the other end off - and yes, you can see right thru it like a hollow tube.

This is one of the FPT Team pet-peeves and is perhaps our best dramatic example of mis-represenation of said foodstuffs. Shame on you Hot Pockets.


etathed said...

That is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace.

ridgeley said...

If you're dead set on gaining weight, you can be much healthier about it with fresher, non-processed, high calorie foods. Why spend the few years one has on earth eating packaged food?

Neddy said...

ridgeley, frankly, that sounds like a pain in the ass. this movement is as much about convenience as gaining weight.

Anonymous said...

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