Sunday, February 21, 2010

Confluence Festival in Gardiner Oregon - The Barnabus Field Report

My MOBI assignment this last weekend was to attend the Confluence Festival in Gardiner Oregon, a small coastal town that I have been exploring as of late.

The festival was held at the local school. The lineup of bands was pretty good for such an event, it was a nice break from crap local bands like Kush and Mr Wizard, and it was nice to not see a Ron Jeremy look-a-like playing saxaphone. The food was off the hook. Canby Asparagus Farm clearly won the day with their mix of tamales, salsa, and chips. They did some darn fine work and my wife says that it was some of the best Mexican food she has ever experienced. They are located in Milwaukie Oregon on Main Street.

The vendor booths were fun, and crammed into a 100-year old gymnasium. The highlight of the evernt for me was the *lovely* bouquet of veggie made flowers, look closely and you will be amazed. The nice lady what made the arrangement was, well, nice.

The "beer and wine" part of the festival was predictable. All I wanted was a Corona, but there was nothing to be had but local microbrews which I find to be absolute swill. We had a great time taking in the event and the lovely town of Gardiner. I highly recommend this festival.
-- Barnabus


etathed said...

wow that is some bouquet, even though i hate veggies, i can give respect to that mafer.

Stymie said...

Im into the milder salsas.
However, I am big fan of taco salads.

Can you provide taco salads?

Yancy - Common Man said...

Aye Caramba!
I know what you did last winter!

I'm a Dreadlocks said...

Can you describe what those "Elephant Ears" are all about being advertised on the banner behind the asparagus man who is serving himself some slop.