Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich - (Allegedly) Via Text Messages

Regular reader Chris Norton (you may know him from his Speedo Tour) just informed us about an Arby's text message freebie. He heard you can text "curly" to 27297 for a free regular roast beef sandwich - no purchase necessary.

Of course we immediately test drove this offer out. Indeed. when we texted 'curly' to 27297 we got a response asking for our zipcode to receive a free regular roast beef sandwich. We texted back our zipcode - however instead of the free sandwich we were informed to "show this text message to the counter staff at any Arby's and we would receive a free small shake. Free shakes are a good thing - but it seems Arby's cannot seem to deliver what they promise.


etathed said...

I love ARBY's and its too bad they said free rost beef and only delivered a shake. A real bummer. However i will still support them. Beef N Cheddars baby. Beef N Cheddars.

On a side note i recently saw a commercial advertising a new ARBY's dollar menu! Any way someone could do a write up on that? I would but the nearest ARBY's is about an hour and a half away from my mountain dwelling.

Fupa McGee said...

Get that fupa large, for free.

I love it.