Monday, July 26, 2010

The Fat Paddler - Big Man's Kayak Site

Searching around the internet we came across this most excellent site "The Fat Paddler". This website is a great time - and the Fat Paddler represents the "Big Like Berle" community very professionaly. So often when we come across a "Big" themed site it is half-assed done or just sloppy. The Fat Paddler, "Sean Smith - Australia" should be respected and commended for this great site.

Here is a little about the Fat Paddler - "Sean Smith – a big man with a Greenland paddle chasing weekly paddling adventures with an emphasis on fun. Whether in his sea kayak or canoe, you can be sure he’s out there somewhere splashing around and having a bloody good time."

Wether you kayak or not, you are big or small we encourage you to visit here. There are loads of photos, videos - fun and informative. CLICK HERE TO VISIT FATPADDLER.COM


Big Billiam - NY said...

I would like to buy like a Big Man's version of a regular styled/cut kayak.

Like a Big & Tall Men clothes shop, but for the kayakes.

Anyone familiar with people who do this thing?

Mel - Medford. said...

Not a moment too soon. Chet sent my wife all of that caramel corn and she can barely fit her wetsuit now, let alone the dingy.

Big Bert said...

How fat is fat?

Fat Paddler said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words! To Big Billiam - contact me via my site and I'll be happy to guide you in kayak selection for the "bigger man". I've tested lots of different kayaks and can usually point people in the right direction. To Big Bert - I'm an ex-rugby player with a healthy appetite (6' tall and about 300lbs). Hope that qualifies - haha!

Cheers again everyone - FP