Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot Dog Beach BBQ - Oregon Coast Drifter MOBI Media Post

Regular contributor and good friend of the FPT, Mr. Barnabus of the Dunes, is doing a 4 week jaunt/camp around the Oregon coastal right now. As promised, we have some mobi media sent in from him. The above photo is on day 6 and the following info was included in his contact:

"I seem to have lost the orbs, at least for now. I am fire-pit roasting me up some big tasty dogs as you can see. My location is remote - however I have seen things that make me believe that Yancy's Watchtower is near."

1 comment:

BotD. said...

texting from my idroid, i heard rustling in the sawgrass. it weren't no bear, and the tell tale whistled yodeling leads me to believe that I am being stalked.... that and the unmistakable jangling of mepps lures...