Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheesy Enchilada Cheetos - Limited Time Offering - Bag Up ASAP

Again, Cheetos has hit high marks with another flavorful release they call "Cheesy Enchilada" style. These simple rock and/or roll. They are thick - not air puffs at all. Filling, tasty and they are correct: very cheesy. Team FPT found these on sale for 1.69 this week at Albertson's. Aaron - our temp clerk - voluntereed to run and pick up 10 more bags after our sampler - as they are a limited time offering. We think Aaron is really headed for bigger and better things here at the FPT with his easy going and can-do personality.


Barnabus of the Dunes said...

Aaron found all 4 of my missing lighters. He is aces with me.

Fat Bastard said...


shi zhan said...

レイバン アビエイター
のRB3026を買いましたが、過ごし小さいような気がしました。ちょうど友達が欲しいと言っていたので、友達に譲りまして、自分用にレイバン RB3026を改めで購入しました。今回はチャントサイズが良くて良い感じで、やっぱりレイバン サングラス最高ですね!