Monday, July 26, 2010

Tim's Cascade Style Potato Chips - New "Johnny's Spice/Seasoning Salt" Flavor - Our Official Team FPT Review

Our team has been wanting to try Tim's brand chips for quite some time, so we were all excited when Don (our apps writer) wandered back last afternoon with not just a bag of Tim's - but a bold new flavor as well.

This bag is flavored with spices by "Johnny's Seasoning" - a seperate product on it's own (which we are unfamiliar with at this time). We found these chips to be thick cut crunchy (kinda kettle style) and of nice quality. The Johnny's spices provide a very unique flavor for these - which we liked, but having trouble describing. They were not "Hot" chips, and not even spicy - but VERY flavorful. Our group decision was to suggest if you can get these, definately do so. Tim's offers a wide-line of flavors and we plan on doing a demo on them all - one by one - in due time.


Tim - Tallahasee said...

My name is Tim - so I like to buy these and claim I made em and such.

Kinda funny. Just a lil. said...

I would like to speak with Tim directly regarding a tr-trade involving 12 cases of Simple Green, 5 cattle and a maybe say 3 apllets of his chips?

Text Me Please Tim

--My name is Yancy and yes I can! Our community here is for everyone. We all work together to trade unique items on multi-tiered levels and discuss possibilities that can benefit all!

Best Regards, Yancy

YancyCan said...

You can view previous trades and trades that went wronng on my YouTube channel and me blog.

Sincerely, Yancy

Tualatin Timothy said...

Tim, We need to talk Re: this chip thing. I have some conflicts with your claim. Please contact through my attorney, Doris Blasingame.