Saturday, July 17, 2010

Message To Starbucks Coffee: When One Order's "Black Coffee" - The Cup Should Be Full To The Top

This is a no-brainer here that has irritated the staff here for years. We like our coffee black and strong - thus we often choose Starbucks when we want the best black coffee. However, the majority of the time when we ask for "black coffee" (meaning we do not need room for cream), we are served a cup that is app. 80% full. If you do the math - that means every 5 coffees we buy, we are losing one whole cup. At 1.50 to 2.00 a cup, Team FPT does not like the results of this equation.

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Bbus (drifter, NW, nuff said) said...

Good to see you back. I didn't catch that we were down, and had just realized when the text memo concerning the chocolate covered preztel hagen daas hit my idroid.

I always got yer back, bender or trauma or issues. Chet has been coding which is odd because he uses a Texas Instruments pocket translator from the early 80's to do it, but damn I tell you what the results are gd impressive. I have him on a short leash, and Mel at arm's length until he stops wearing that pocketed vest and carrying his backpack into the test kitchen for his shifts. Too much stuff seems to be growing legs and walking off, if you now what I mean. The new hires are doing well, working with that online background check service is working out as well. Stella, our new HR manager will require a 16X16 cubicle, and we may have to turn to our contracted fabrication firm to design and build her office chair. She is large, but I assure you, she is in charge. And she feels great.

That is a summary, look for a 23.mb text file in my attachment with the rest of this week's details.

-Barnabus, Chief Contributing Editor and Relief KingPin.