Monday, September 05, 2005

Barnabus Surf & Turf Special

Reader Barnabus comes thru again with another outstanding contribution.

"Prepared surf-n-turf for myself and the wife tonight. I had the lobster, while she had the shrimps. We both had aged black angus beef, prepared medium rare. No real recipe, just say it's all about timing. Get a nice hot fire going, then put your seafood on over foil about 10 minutes before you throw the steak on, directly over the flames (the lobster was boiled in water and rock salt for 8 minutes prior to being grilled)."


Anonymous said...

These be the good ole dayz...

Looks likes some succulents eats there my man! Damn the man, save the empire.


Barnabus of the sea. said...

I can't set a table as well as Pierre, but I can sure clean a plate. Actually, the fresh green beans were damn tasty too. Along with liberal amounts of Boone's Farm Sangria, this was a very satisfying dinner.