Monday, September 19, 2005

Tapatio Hot Sauce - 5 Star Ranking

This stuff is the real deal. Nuff said. Comes in three sizes: mini, regular and 40 oz. Available most markets. From

Give a kick to the taste of whatever you've got . . .It's not too mild and it's not too hot . . .Tap into the taste of Tapatío.

Tapatío Hot Sauce adds a kick to whatever you're craving! Our special recipe enhances but never overpowers . . .With the perfect balance between mild and wild! Tapatío Hot Sauce is going to take your taste buds to another level. So Tap into the taste of Tapatío!.

Jose-Luis Saavedra Sr. started the Tapatío Hot Sauce Company in 1971 as a privately held business and it continues being that way. The product's name " Tapatío " means a person born in Guadalajara, capital of the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

The beginning was humble, Mr. Saavedra started his business in a rented 485 square-foot building in Maywood, California and began the manufacturing and distribution of this popular hot sauce from this small industrial warehouse. He continued to work out of that site for the next fourteen years. The Tapatío Hot Sauce Company's modest beginnings were tumultuous to say the least. On a good day only several cases were produced. As sales increased, Tapatío required more help and the family responded; Jose-Luis Saavedra Jr. gave up his profession as a physician to become General Manager.

In 1985, the company moved to a new 7,800 square-foot location in Vernon, California, just 5 miles away from Downtown, Los Angeles. The building was much bigger than the first location, but it had only a single loading dock and limited storage space, which created a new series of problems for the company. Consequently, it was time to look for a larger place that would provide enough space to meet the company's current requirements and ever-growing needs. After a long search a site was found where a developer would build to suit the spacious new 30,000 square-foot facility that Tapatío presently occupies. It is a brand new state-of-the-art facility with several loading docks and a fully automated production line; the company that was founded in 1971 has evolved into a modern plant. In addition, Tapatío now has added help from Mr. Saavedra's two daughters; Dolores uses her law degree to handle all of the company's legal matters while Jacquie runs the business office.

Tapatío currently distributes nationally and has begun exporting to Mexico, Canada, Central America and some countries in Europe.

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