Saturday, September 03, 2005

Some Classy Cuisine: Dill Sauce Salmon Recipe

Our International correspondants have begun submitting more material and it is of the highest quality. Our man in Canada, Pierre, submits the above picture and the recipe as well. Nice clean looking plate, obviously an excellent meal. Plus look at all those napkins within arms reach - thats living.

Dill Sauce Salmon Recipe

Start with either skinless/boneless Salmon fillets or if preferred salmon steaks, Pacific or Atlantic salmon its your choice.

Prepare the salmon by placing on a couple sheets of aluminum foil, use enough foil to wrap the salmon after preparation. Salt & Pepper the salmon, lightly butter and add approximately 2 tsp of lemon juice onto each fillet.

Prepare the dill sauce by adding equal amounts (~2 TBS) of Sour Cream, Mayonnaise and Milk to a small bowl (prepare enough sauce so that each fillet is easily covered prior to cooking). Mix the contents of the bowl and add ~1tsp of Dill weed, crush the dill weed between two fingers to release more flavor as you add it to the bowl.

Using a spoon ladle out the sauce onto each fillet and spread evenly to cover the entire piece of fish. Top each fillet with a sprinkle of parsley and 1-2 thin slices of onion.

Fold over the tin foil bake at 350C in an oven for 15-20min (until cooked) or can be BBQ on upper grill. Serve with rice or potatoes and a vegetable of choice. ENJOY!


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