Monday, September 19, 2005

College Student Reader Needs Recipes

One of our loyal readers is currently attending college and has told the staff here that he needs some new ideas & recipes for quality food at reasonable prices. We suggested he go with the homemade salad and sandwiches plan as many of the ingredients can be used in both and 10.00 worth of supplies can make a lot of meals. However, we need some hot foods to suggest and some other ideas. Please help out a fellow reader and post your ideas using the comments word/link below. You dont have to sign-up to leave a comment - its real simple. (FYI: the photo above is not of the reader in need of recipes)


Austin Amarka said...

When I was in college I saved money on food by eating cold cereal with water instead of milk.

Brad Rifkin said...

top ramen with sausage links

Dr. Jim Sadler said...

You should attend 'club meetings' and other functions where they might be serving free food to entice people to show up. Helped me get thru my undergraduate studies.

Julio in Cincinnati said...

Lil Debbie Cakes