Friday, September 30, 2005

The Flying Pie Pizzeria Review - 5 Stars

Wow, I had heard that these guys made an excellent pie but I have heard that so many times I never really believe it. These guys are for real. The pepperoni pizza is layered with cheese and pepperoni so thick that 2 slices will fill you up at first, and maybe a third a few minutes later. Very impressive and a 5 star ranking by The Fat Pride Times.

From their webpage:"Our Pizza Dough is homemade and hand-rolled daily. Fresh vegetables are cut and prepared each day. We use only 100% whole milk Mozzarella, Provolone and Romano Cheeses, and our meats are of the highest quality available. Our goal is to serve you the finest products and create an enjoyable atmosphere in which to serve you."

They have four locations:"The Portland Flying Pie Pizzeria is our first restaurant, where we have been serving our original secret pizza dough and sauce for over 20 years. Come see our new(huge)dining room. Issaquah is located just southeast of downtown Seattle, nudging the foothills of the Snoqualmie National Forest. It may be our #2 Flying Pie Pizzeria, but it is in no way second rate.The Lake Oswego Flying Pie Pizzeria is our #3 location —in the Lake Oswego Towne Square shopping center of Mountain Park. We hope you'll add their pizza to your list of tastful delights.Per your request, the Gresham Flying Pie Pizzeria (#4) is NOW OPEN and serving you the same great pies, with the same secret sauce, the same choice of crusts and deep toppings you crave -- without the drive across town." (Issaquah is in Washington State - the rest are in Oregon).

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