Monday, August 21, 2006

Burger King Stackers:
Test Results Are In

Today at the FP Times test kitchens we brought in two of the double-meat, bacon and cheese stackers for research. As you can see in the coupon in the post below, Burger King presents them as being pretty gd massive. However, we were all suprised to find that the patties and buns are actually smaller when compared to a Whopper. The results were that while it was a quality sandwich, it did not live up to the price - which I forgot since we had that buy one get one free coupon. Our end opinion is that they are worth it if you have a coupon only, otherwise the price is not right.


Anonymous said...

dude wtf where are those pizza flavored sunflower seeds omg sob gd

Rick James (Not SuperFreak) said...

Dude, I have seen them offered at truck stops, however there are many many things offered at truck stops.

FP said...

If anyone has info on this foodstuff, please send it along to us for analysis and review.
Respect, FP