Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Frozen Food Bender:
Totino's, Boston Market
And More

Sorry for the lag in postings but the staff here went on a frozen food bender over the past three days. You can view some of our samplings above. The Totino's were on sale for 1.00 each. The Boston Market meatloaf, which rocks, was on sale for 2.50. Please note that it is the 'hearty serving' one.


Masticating Mustilidae said...

I disagree that the Boston Market meatloaf rocks... Your own meatloaf is twenty times better, no matter how bad it is (and I've eaten many a bad one, trust me). To freeze BM's meatloaf almost borders on blasphemy, in my humble and totally perfect opinion. It's like taking a piece of cardboard and calling it meatloaf, then having the gall to freeze that same piece of cardboard and make this "gourmet treat" available to those who can't make it to BM, probably the sick and infirm who couldn't taste the difference to save their lives.

Am I in a bad mood? You betcha. I married, for Christ's sake

Mr. Grey said...

It's hard to go wrong with Tostino's pizza. It comes very close to the taste of those delicious rectangular pizzas from my school days.

Leonard said...

What would the Scruffy American guy with the blue growth say?