Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dave's Killer Bread:
Ex-Con Bakes A Mean Loaf

While we found it difficult to sample bread without anything on it, we knew this had to be done to judge the merits of this unique offering. Dave's Killer Bread definately has an interesting backstory and we encourage you to visit his website and read the full version. Being that the staff here considers bread a 'vehicle' for other foodstuffs, we had a bias present going into the tasting. However, this bread is quality stuff and we are proud to endorse it.

Dave's Killer Bread Dot Com


Mr. Grey said...

The bread appears to be quite tasty and nutritious, but the visible particles on the surface trouble me a little. What has Dave to say about that?

FP said...

You can ask Dave questions direct on his website. If you get an answer - please share with us here.

Romper Stomper said...

Dave? I think we shared a cell back in the day.

Anonymous said...

FP!!! your comments are approved on kblo. i gotta approve the first one so the spam bots stay out. i want them all to just die