Saturday, August 26, 2006

Foodstuff Controversy:
National Toasted
Marshmallow Day
What day is it?

One of our readers send an email mentioning this 'upcoming' holiday for us to cover and we realized that there are issues regarding this day. Yes, everyone agrees its all about the marshmallows, however the official date is up for argument. It is being reported as falling as early as August 14th, as late as August 31st and all the days in between. This is a disturbing situation that must be settled ASAP. The Fat Pride Times encourages you to call or write to your local elected official and encourage that we set a national date for this great day.


KBLO said...

Is this controversy going to be covered on Retard Radio? Art Bell style? I'll turn my radio upside down for that.

FP said...

The staff here is in the process of taking this nationwide and to the highest levels of our goverment. This day must be given a specific annual date and we will not rest easy until we accomplish this.


Mr. Grey said...

EVERY day is toasted marshmallow day, for G-D sake. SLG

Bob in Bakersfield said...

I like chicken