Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carl's Jr. Chicken Parmesan Sandwich - The FPT Team Report

This new sandwich had been on our radar for awhile and one day last week we sent an FPT team member to grab us some to sample.

We had ordered fries as well - but they were gone before he had returned. Nothing like a fresh hot batch of the Carls fries, so we understood. This chicken sandwich is very unique - unlike any other. We knew the chicken would be good - as Carl's gets it about chicken - but did not know what to expect with the parmesan and marinara sauce. It worked out excellent. Lots of sauce and lots of cheesy goodness here that make for something than the usual.

We also picked up a few of the Ranch Bacon Cheeseburgers which go for only one buck. These are not your usual 'value menu' burger as the photos show. Best one buck burger going that we know of.

If you read our earlier post on the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich release you will find a link for a buck off coupon.


etathed said...

GD. BAcon Ranch Cheese burger for a buck?! I'd try a few of those without thinking about it for a second. That sounds killer.

Bubbles - Sunnyvale Trailer Park said...