Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mrs. T's Pierogies - Review From Etathed

Power to the Pierogies!

I love me some pierogies, and am often surprised when someone says, "whats a pierogie?!" As i feel everyone should be eating these on a somewhat regular schedule as they are super tasty and esy as can be.

For those who dont know a pierogie is a noodle stuffed with mashed potato, cheese etc. These where "Mrs. T's Pierogies" from the local market. They are the standard potato and cheese variety.

To prepare boil in water untill they are softened up, they will float nicely when done. Next throw some jalapeno, onion, garlic or whatever you want into a pan with butter. Cook em in the pan till both sides are golden tan, i like mine a bit crispy. Throw em on a plate and throw all the stuff in the skillet on top, add some sour creme and your ready to eat!


Barnabus said...

Right on I been doing these for years. Ever since I worked that golf course job and had a 30 minutes lunch, just enough time to get home, fry up some perogies, and watch an episode of my favorite TV show, The Rifleman starring Chuck Connors.

Yancy - SBTS said...

I buy these also - but in quantity from Costco. Yes, they are an off-brand, but they work.

Anonymous said...

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