Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cheetos Green Color Changers - Availability?

We have discussed the Cheetos Blue Color Changers here and even posted a video from some nice ladies showing how they work. The unusual thing here is that on the west coast we have not seen the blue cheetos anywhere. However, we have noticed that there still are bags of the green color changers on the shelves as of today. Does anyone know about the distribution of these? There is very little on the web regarding the green ones, but the blue kinds has all kinds of info. Are these green color changers Cheetos rare? Should we send staff out and buy all we can find?


Yancy - Yes I Can! said...

I find this interesting. My name is Yancy. If your theory proves true - that the east is getting the blue cheetos and the west is only getting the green cheetos - I can be of great help to those who would like to trade flavors.

I generally do my trading on a tr-level or higher, but I am happy to help FPT readers and chip collectors in this situation.

Yancy said...

After reading my first post - an idea sprung into me.

This might be an opportunity to break the known current multi-level trade record of 44.

Lets see how this pans out and we can organize a mass tier trade if people are interested.

I wont be available much of the weekend as I will be hosting 4 unique webtours - and those really take it all out of a fellow. However I will be checking back to see what people are thinking.