Monday, November 02, 2009

Tillamook Cheese Baby Loaf Fan Club Links To Our Cheese Mini-Bus Post

The staff here was pleasantly suprised when we saw that the official Tillamook Cheese website had found our post/photos from late last month. The FPT was made the link of the day on the Tillamook site and directed many new readers here with the opportunity to view "Rare Photos of The Wild and Rarely Seen Loaf Mobile" taken by our staff.

Everyone on staff here is a fan of all Tillamook dairy products - if you have not tried their cheese, ice cream and other dairy products - you are missing out. They are probably best known for their classic cheddar cheese, but they offer many more quality items. Link below is to their official website.

Tillamook Cheese Website


Bertranndo said...

Does Tillamook make a sour cream?
Im certain that I saw it once.

Yancy - SBTS said...

I have toured their facility in Tillamook, Oregon.

First Class.
5 Stars.

etathed said...

I have heard of their infamous tours, where you can eat all the fresh cheeses you want!

Erma said...

Yancy was the infamous overnighter "stowaway" that inspired the late 70's made for TV movie. The guy is too gd modest.

ManBearPig said...

Try the ice cream.
I am cereal.

Anonymous said...

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