Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Casa Ricardo Cheese Crunch - The FPT Staff Find Of The Week

One of our staffers stumbled upon this item at the 'dollar store' of all places. These 'Cheetos' style snacks take it to the next level of cheesy happiness. Ever notice how a lot of cheese curl brands seem to have a puffiness or hollow taste when you chomp em? These are very unique in that they are dense and chewy. No fluffing going on at Casa Ricardo's. Nice strong cheese taste to go along with the satisfying and dense curls.

Not sure how they ended up at the 'dollar store' or even where you can find them on a regular basis - but if you spot the Casa Ricardo brand - this is a must buy snacker. We paid only one dollar for the bonus size - which is about the same size as a standard Cheetos bag. Hopefully, some day these will be found everywhere. In the meantime we are sending someone back to try to acquire any and all bags that may be left at the 'dollar store'.


etathed said...

DO these Cheese Crunches leave the same cheesy residue on your fingers like Cheetohs?

FPT Staff said...

They do not. They are very unique.
Almost like eating a meal.

Chickity Chickity Chinese Chicken said...

Are these made in China? I do not trust China cheese.