Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Best Hot Sauce You Can Buy: Pico Pica

Pico Pica is something that we have taken for granted over the years and it is time to acknowledge this hot sauce as the standard to which all others should be measured against.
It has been around since 1937 and is now available in other markets besides the Southern California areas where it is bottled in the city of Wilmington.
It does come in two temperatures - regular and hot, with the hot being a true 'hot'. It has a flavor similar to an enchilada sauce and it goes well with many foodstuffs. We recommend you try a bottle out and enjoy the ride.


Vincent Vega said...

'The Best Hot Sauce You Can Buy'

Now thats a bold statement

lazy lopez said...

post siesta, senor`. gracias.

Negative Nancy said...

I noticed the label says contains soy. I am confused and such.

etathed said...

I would like to try this sauce as i am a big fan of hot sauces. I use them on tons of foods, brom buffalo chicken ranch wraps, to taco nacho dips.

I am currently using Lousiana Hot sauce, but will keep my eyes open for this bottle.

Tommy Tutone said...

im having isssues

damien said...

one if the ingredients is soy bean oil.