Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still No Winner In The "Guess The Crawfish Crate Weight" Contest

Last month we ran the contest to guess the weight of the crawfish inside the shipping container in the photo above. We had many responses but none were on the money. This time we are offering a hint: "the answer is very easy to find".
Good Luck! Winner gets coupons for free burgers via mail.
Use the 'Comments" link below to post a guess.


Big Like Berle said...

I am more familiar with shrimp, but I can try this.

This looks to me like a square 20 pound portion.

Trish - Oregon said...

Im going to go low.
5 pounds

estimating edward said...

7 pounder pack.

etathed said...

1 Dollar! Errrrrr i mean 1 Pound!