Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wendy's "Junior Bacon Cheeseburger" Bacon Measures 5/16th of 1 Inch

While running errands today one of our staff members needed food in a hurry and hit a Wendy's drive-thru, as it was right along her driving route. After ordering a few items from the "Value Menu", our staffer got to the "Junior Bacon Cheeseburger" and could not believe what she saw.
The 2 bacon strips were tiny - incredibly tiny, so tiny that she dragged out a ruler from the glovebox and took the above photo to share with us. Measuring in at 5/16th's of an inch, we here at the FPT simply cannot believe that Wendy's serves these so called pieces of bacon. Yes, it is called the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger - but this is even too small for that label or any that we can think up.


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend says size doesn't matter.

TomSawyer said...

Is your girlfriend the FPT staffer with a ruler in her glove box?

etathed said...

This is outragious. the least they could do is break it up and spread it evenly. Thanks for pointing out this hypocrasy. Its never nice to speak out about poor foodstuffs, but it must be done. I'd call this the " Junior Bacon Bit Cheese Burger"

Dave Thomas is rolling over in his grave.


You got to play to pay.
99 cents does not get much.

SBT said...

Dear Sirs,

Pending further investigation, we are asking that you refrain from exposing this issue any further. A federal team is working hard on a solution for this, for lack of a better word, crisis.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Stanley B Trezbit
Dept of Weights and Measures, USA

Big Billiam - NY said...

thats slimmer than a slim jim

U.K. Priders said...

Could you please give use the measurement in metric please?