Sunday, October 12, 2008

Road Trip Reports: Florida Food Report, Part 1 - Schooners - From Ethaded

This past week I was in beautiful Panama City Beach Florida for a few days to attend a conference for work. The weather and beaches there were beautiful, the sand soft, and the waters warm. Just as enjoyable was the fantastic food i got to sample. As you can imagine I feasted on as much fresh seafood as i could. Another conference attendee actually owned two beach front retaraunts in town and treated our group to free dinners on monday and tuesday night!
These were no ordinary dinners either, full four course meals that had this prider F-U-L-L FULL.
This report covers the first dinner held at Schooners (pronounced Skoo'-ners.) This place was right on the beach and is refered to as The last local beach club and restaraunt. Like all good beach food places Schooners is out in the open air and offers a beautiful view of the setting sun. Now onto the meal. The appetizer i chose was scallops and greens baked in a fresh pastry like shell served with a lobster sauce. While not a fan of pastry, this unique plate proved to be delicious. The flakey outside shell mixed well with the scallops and greens inside, and the lobster sauce was top notch.
After a salad it was time for the evening's main course. While there were several options including filet mignon that looked fantastic, there was no way i was going to pass up some fresh fish. I went with the Snapper and rice. This is what eating in florida is all about, fresh caught, and grilled to perfection and served over rice with asparagus on the side (which i didn't touch.)
After all that dessert was served in the form of an amazing tiramisu. Sorry, i ate that before snapping a pic.
From its prestine location and unparralled sunset views, to the gracious staff, cold beers and cocktails, and of course the delicious grub Schooners is a must for anyone visiting Panama City Beach. It very well may be the not only the last, but the BEST local beach club and restaraunt.
Up Next, Part 2: Dinner at The Boatyard


Negative Nancy said...

Please remember not to drink and drive people.

Bill Henry said...

I am familair with this establishment. I worked in Florida for a few years in the mid 1990's.

Bertranndo said...

Dinner at the Boatyard? I am interested in your next segment.

Bird-dog said...

Im a bird.
Im a dog.
Im a birddog