Saturday, October 11, 2008

BREAKING FOOD NEWS FROM LATVIA: New Hospital Themed Restaurant Opens

We have received word here at the FPT that a rather unique restaurant has opened in the country of Latvia named "Hospital". It is not only named that but actually looks like one. The dining room features surgery tables, skulls, doctor tools and much more. Even the waitresses all dress like nurses.
Most interesting thing is that they have a 'Straight-Jacket' service option. This is where you pay to be tied up in a straight-jacket and be fed by one of the 'nurses'.
That is all we have on this for the monet. More info to follow as it comes in.


Latka said...

the "mountain people" will be all over this. ee-bee-da.

etathed said...

I don;t really like "Theme" food places. I am there to eat, not be part of some stupid charade.

Bobandy said...

I am looking on right now for Latvia tickets.