Thursday, October 16, 2008

McDonald's Sausage McMuffins Now $1.99 - Seems Too Expensive To Us

We here at the Fat Pride Times have been loyal eaters of the Sausage McMuffin from McDonald's for quite some time - however times they are a changin'.
When the price went up from 1.39 to 1.69, that was tolerable, but now they are selling for 1.99 and we are not sure that are worthy of this price. Its a small sandwich and you need a minimum of two, sometimes three to get any satisfaction.
Picture above is of the old standard 'Prider' breakfast - Diet Cokes and McMuffins - If the price comes back down we will reconsider.


Barnabus said...

the sausage biscuits are good. hash browns too.

etathed said...

Bummer, I suggest Burger King's Double croissan'wich. I vote that the best fast food breakfast sandwich available from the fast food chains.

Never been into McD's breakfasts, though i had a short spell where i consumed their breakfast burritos almost daily. That was years ago though.

Chris said...

Just sent this off to McDonald's:
Stopped at the McDonald's in Barberton, OH this morning after leaving the gym and on my way to work. I was a little hungry but I've also recently been watching my caloric intake and trying to drop some weight. So, I decided to just get one Sausage McMuffin with my Diet Coke. I knew that you could get 2 Sausage McMuffins for $2 so I figured that one would cost somewhere between $1.39 and $1.89 and I was more than willing to pay that for my one sandwich. Imagine my surprise when the cost of the one sandwich turned out to be $2.29 - a full $.29 more than the cost of two! How is this justified? And please, no marketing spin about how you're bringing "the utmost value to our customers". BTW, I ordered the two sandwiches and tossed the second one in the first trash can I could find. Why not offer something like a sandwich credit? I buy two now but can get the second one tomorrow (maybe a coupon is used).

Can't wait to see their response.