Sunday, March 21, 2010

B2 Pizza Hut Bender - Live Mobi Post

Our good friend B2 posted with us live via mobi device:

TEAM FPT: will you talk about it?
TEAM FPT: reveal stuff?
B2mobi: from pizza hut
B2mobi: large pizza with garlic parmasean chicken bonelss
TEAM FPT: rank it
TEAM FPT: 1-10 scale
TEAM FPT: wait for it....
B2mobi: well the chicken was - 7
B2mobi: kinda salty
TEAM FPT: the pizza chicken?
B2mobi: no pizza was pepperoni, sausage, olive, onions
B2mobi: mushrooms
B2mobi: it was good, lots of crust though
B2mobi: and cheesy breadsticks
B2mobi: pretty tasty
TEAM FPT: what was first pic of?
B2mobi: boneless chicken
B2mobi: garlic/parm
TEAM FPT: oh wait
TEAM FPT: im confusables
TEAM FPT: the chicken was a seperate dish?
TEAM FPT: sauced over?
B2mobi: yes
TEAM FPT: im feelin that
B2mobi: seperate
B2mobi: appetizer
TEAM FPT: how bad was the wallet damage?
B2mobi: and cheesy bread sticks
B2mobi: it was $30 with a tip
B2mobi: delivery
TEAM FPT: hmmmm im gonna do some math.


etathed said...

GD. Garlic parmesan wings.... i bet those are awesome. I love garlic, and i love parmesan. I also like the way the toppings on that pie seem to be piled high and deep!

Beverage Buddy said...

Can you please talk about what beverages where involved please?

Anonymous said...

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