Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flavorite Ju-Ju Fish Crusty Issues Alert

This is now the 3rd time we have begun consuming a bag of Flavorite brand Ju-Ju Fish to find that there are crusty areas upon one of the ju-ju fish inside the bag. If you look closely at the demo picture above, one can see the white crusted area along the edges of said ju-ju fish.

Albertson's recently switched it's line of budget gummy candies from their previous maker, which we never had any issues, to this new Flavorite brand. If you do partake in the Flavorite brand candies, we suggest a visual inspection of your feedbag. If you discover anything unusual, please contact ASAP so our readers can know.

1 comment:

Rich said...

I have a terrible suspicion the country of origin may have changed. Check the bag.