Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reader Comes Up Sic After Eating A Jimmy Johns Sandwich - Billings, Montana

Our good friend Mr. James McQuarters, seemd to be a little off yesterday when we spoke to him - after a little prodding he revealed the following:

"Last week I ate at Jimmy John's. I have had the #14 before which is turkey , roast beef and cheese (it comes with tomatoes but I leave those off). My wife and I noted that the roast beef seemed VERY red. Much more red than normal, as stated we've had it before. I ate the entire sandwich and later that night I could not sleep, my stomach hurt so bad..this was Thursday night last week and I still don't feel right.

The sandwich stats:
"Roast beef, turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, & mayo. An American classic, certainly not invented by J.J. but definitely tweaked and fine-tuned to perfection!"

We feel Mr. McQuarters pain and hope he gets well soon - and we also respect his authority. If anyone else has had a similar experience please contact TEAM FPT.

The google earth photo above is where this New Jimmy John's is now located.


Ben said...

I heard the same story from J-McQ. But I have it on good authority he is a wimp and his petite wife ate the same sandwich and didn't get sick!

Yancy - Yes I Can said...

I heard things as well similar to what you are sayin and such.