Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mongo's Mongologues #12: Classic Packard, Vons Market, Asparagus & Sirloin Steak BBQ

Dear FPT readers,
Thank you for your comments relative to my most recent post to this forum - The Bloody Mary a la Mongo. If you will recall, I mentioned in that post that there would presently be an exposition upon hard booze, per se.

Lest we disappoint our readers here at the FPT, leave it to say that IaM has been vigorously researching the subject of hard booze, and the exposition discussed above is forthcoming. In the meantime, may I share with you Saturday with IaM?

My favorite purveyor of foodstuffs, Vons, had a sale on Top Sirloin steak for $1.99 a pound. Therefore, I washed my balls and chute, got in the Mongomobile, and hoofed it on over. As an aside, my favorite Vons is on the corner of Sunset and Virgil, in Hollywood. On the way, IaM happened upon an American classic. I happened to have my camera with me, so I took a shot. In the first photograph, you will see a Packard. I'm not an expert on cars, but I would say that is about a 1954.

In any case, I rolled over to Vons and took advantage of their sale on Top Sirloin steaks. In the second photograph, our readers will see the fruits of my travels. Our readers may not know that asparagus is now in season. While at Vons, I picked up a pound for $0.78. That is an excellent price. Having collected these delectable foodstuffs, IaM hoofed it on back to the Mongo Cage, busted out the mesquite, and got rocking.

As one can see in the following photograph, it is perfectly appropriate to cook asparagus on the grill. It goes perfectly with grilled Top Sirloin, as the next photograph shows. Again, this columnist believes in the benefits of anti-junk food, and the health benefits derived therefrom. It is an honor to write for this esteemed publication, and I hope you enjoyed my most recent babble.


etathed said...

Thats a good looking meal. As long as you support the farming, abuse, and slaughter of innocent asparagus. In fact the thought of murdering living asparagus and eating it makes me want to puke.

On the other hand, the steaks look delicious! Well done mongo.

Yancy said...

Mongo - I have printed out all of your Mongologues and am archiving them. I would like to have a roundtable with you via webcam regarding publishing these in some format. Yes, as your agent you would need to give me some %. I am Yancy, and Yes I Can!

Negative Nancy said...

Not Bad.