Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets - LIVE M-POST

Mobi: I have an announcement: Wendy's spice chicken nuggets are pretty good.
Mobi: oops I mean spicy
FPT: hot spicy?
FPT: or flavor spicy?
FPT: talk about it
Mobi: like, hot spicy
FPT: can you provide a feller jpgs of such nuggets?
Mobi: they're quite flavorful
FPT: anything else to say?
FPT: cost?
Mobi: A FANTASTIC Value at 99 cents
FPT: nice price
FPT: dippin sauces?
Mobi: oh yes, I would suggest the sweet and sour sauce
Mobi: and if you're feeling overly indulgent, I'd go with TWO orders


444 FRANK said...

I noticed this post came in at 4:44

I am curious about that.

chickenlittle said...

Food people...I am lost...what part of the chicken do the "nuggets" come from?

I looked on a chicken at the farmers market, but I couldn't find them.

MaryBell said...

I visited family in Florida in December where I first had these and LOVED them. Had them a couple more times in Georgia (where I live). About a month ago I went to Wendy's and asked for them and was told the LTO was over :( I never checked again and I rarely go to Wendy's. Thinking: store manager inadequately ordered, ran out, and drive thru order taker assumed it was over. I'll be checking again :) crossed fingers!

Felicia said...

their spicy chicken nuggets are gooooooooooood