Sunday, December 06, 2009

7-11 Hot Dog Condiment Station - This Location Sets The Gold Standard!

Almost everyone has had a hot dog from 7-11 at one time or another. From our experiences up and down the west coast - we have seen some pretty gnarly condiment stations with either things not stocked or just plain dirty. I have seen a couple myself that put me off my meal.

7-11's are franchised - and the quality of their food and condiment arenas are a reflection of each individual store's owners. This picture was taken with a MOBI device in the state of Oregon - and all 7-11 owners should strive to be more like this.


Barnabus of the sea said...

Franchised, yes. The store here in Florence at hwy 101 and 9th street is also run by the same owner as the one in Eugene at Bertelson and w11th. The guy does great work and sets a great example for 7-11. The new chicken tenders are really damn good, and they have pizzas, full size large, available in 90 seconds. Amazing!

Yancy - SBTS said...

You know about the DOMO dude?
He is pretty cool.

etathed said...

Nice looking station there. Im a big fan of hot dogs. I usually go chili onion and mustard on mine.