Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snapps Jalapeno and Cheddar Bites (Jalapeno Poppers) - An FPT Bargain Buster

About a month ago the FPT Team endorsed "The Original Poppers" brand Jalapeno poppers. A recommendation that i agree with whole heartedly. The Original Poppers Brand offers a fantastic restaurant quality popper. While recently looking through the local market's freezer section, I came across what appeared to be some value priced popper boxes....Snapps Brand Jalapeno and Cheddar bites.

These poppers do not contain whole jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese, but small chunks of jalapeno mixed in amongst the cheese (if you remember the poppers that Burger King offered a few years back, these are similar). Notice the picture on the box is in no way misleading, and actually looks very much like the final cooked product!

These are very tasty poppers, though not quite "restaurant quality" like the original Poppers brand. However These Snapps Jalapeno Bites where only ONE DOLLAR for a box of EIGHT! A deal that makes these well worth it! I bought 5 boxes. Thats 40 Poppers for 5 bucks! If you are short on cash and cant afford the higher quality popper brands do not hesitate to grab a couple boxes of Snapps Jalapeno Bites as they are sure to satisfy any prider! And as always, be sure to have some ranch for dippin.

Thanks to Etathed for the guest review!


Yancy - Common Man said...

You seem to continually mention the 'Ranch Dippins".

Sir, perhaps would you like to get involved in a tri-trade that would get you a case of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (36 bottles)?

Would need something of equivelant or greater value to proceed. Have one lead - a feller in Yachats that is looking for some vinyl composite tiles.

etathed said...

GD, i sure do love ranch. But 36 bottles is too much for even me! Thanks for the offer though, i hope you find someone to complete this tri trade!

Herbert Harrison said...

I posted your finding to foodstuffdeals.orb and it was a big hit. Thank you for your service to our community