Thursday, December 03, 2009

Loud Food Packaging - Mobile Media

The staff here felt that the previous post about loud food packaging may not have conveyed the seriousness of this issue with just words. Last night, Steven (from our front offices) took said bag of Sunchips - the new one made of all re-newable materials (which in itself is a good thing), and made a video from his MOBI device. This was filmed from app. 2 feet from the bag with normal volume settings.

If you find yourself in a similar situation - please use your MOBI device to capture loud packaging and help us identify those products which are not 'sneak a snack' friendly.


etathed said...

GD! Sounds like fire crackers going off.

Geoff said...

Yes! The Keebler cookie packages have driven me nuts for years. Sounds like a massive crackling bonfire when you get into them.

gurahamu said...

What do they have against people in movie theaters anyway?