Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Carl's Jr. Tribute to Carl & Margaret Karcher & Oregon's Carl's Stars Hood To Coast Run For Charity Success!

On one of our recent FPT team junkets to the local Carl's Jr., we happened to notice some very nice photos and plaques hung on the wall in the alcove by the front doors.

First there is a very nice plaque commemorating Carl & Margaret Karcher who founded Carl's Jr. and notes the story of how they borrowed $311.00 against their Plymouth Super Deluxe to open up a hot dog stand in Los Angeles - which would eventually become something bigger than anyone would imagine. The history behind Carl's Jr. is truly a great American success story.

We also saw that the KWK Foods/KWKG Inc. team "Carl's Stars" particpated in the annual Oregon Hood to Coast Run event. This group of locals raised $7,465.00 for The American Cancer Society - very nice work.


Big Billiam said...


Hood to Coast relay is the largest relay race in North America as it stretches 197 miles from Mt Hood OR to the Pacific Ocean in Seaside OR.

Nice work Team NW Carl's!

Seattle Sally said...

I was part of a team like 3 years ago. This is some serious stuff - I had to run my portion along Highway 30 exiting Portland area in the dark - with Semi's driving past us.

No wimps here. Good job!