Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Uncle Ray's Salt & Vinegar Chips

Uncle Ray's is truly a unique brand of chips and snacks. They are quality - we have tried many flavors and always happy to have made the purchase. The "Cheese Puffers" are another one of our favorites - like a puffy "Cheeto". Today we are sampling the Salt & Vinegar which make the grade. These are a low-price item and we take that into account when recommending them or not. We get the standard single serving bag for .89 cents - which is nice savings considering the same size of Doritos will run you 1.29 at most places. These Salt & Vinegar chips are fresh and got the flavor to savor. We recommend you give some of their other flavors a go as well.

The unique thing about Uncle Ray's chips bags are the 'stories' on the back. They are titled "The Life & Times of Uncle Ray" - and each has a different story with a moral to be learned (or not). This bag says Chapter 24 on the back - our staff can only recall seeing maybe 5 different ones. After roundtabling on this we have decided to begin a collection of the bags and stories for the FPT Foodstuffs Mobile Museum (Beta V1.2).

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etathed said...

Never tried uncle rays stuff. But after this endorsement, i will. I love salt and vinny chips... in fact they are the only potato chip i really like. In my experiance pringles offers the best salt and vinny chips. folowed closely by troyer farms, and lays brand.