Thursday, December 10, 2009

General Tso's Chicken - From Walmart Deli - A MOBI Review From Blak2oof

Our embedded MOBI reporter in Nevada recently sampled the General Tso's chicken from Walmart - lured by the 1.80 for a 1/2 pound price. The Blak2oof MOBI report included the following quote "The chicken was good, tangy, and a little spicey. No bad after effects."

While the price was excellent, the mention of 'no bad after effects' makes us wonder if that is a concern at the Walmart Deli?

Please email us if you have had any experiences with Walmart Deli foods - good or bad - thank you. The staff here has never tried their Deli.


Tomas said...

I have seen this dish spelled:

a. General Tsao's
b. General Tso's

Can I get a little help here.

etathed said...

Never ate up at the wal mart deli myself, though every time i pas by it it smells good and the foodstuffs look decent. The bird chunks in this mobi report look pretty tasty , and at that price point i think its a great deal!

I may try out some wal mart deli stuffs after reading this review.

Anonymous said...

The chicken strips are to die for, and the shrimp are good also. The KEY is to ask that they be cooked fresh for you! Place your order, go shop, and in 10 mins you will be diggin in to fried deliciousness!!!

chunksaywho said...

i believed its spelled "chinese chicken goodness make man say mmmmmm baby"

Lantz Vilson said...

I have personaly purchased The General Tso's Chicken from walmart , I think its as good as the chinese place just down the road that charges $$$ Compaired to walmart. Actually since i have found this at walmart i have not went back to the chinese place.
on a scale of taste from 1-10 ,1 being nasty & 10 Being Great. I Give it an 8 .