Monday, December 21, 2009

Mongo Mongologues #9: The Wonders of The Samatsu Tangerine

Today, IaM brings to you the wonders of the Samatsu Tangerine.

This is a rare citrus fruit, and I am not going to tell you my source (FP does not like to talk about land-fills). The Samatsu Tangerine is possibly the best citrus fruit; those lovers of the Blood Orange may possibly disagree. The Samatsu is very easily peeled and has a deep citrus flovour (I spelled it that way for our readers in the Commonwealth countries).

In any case, this is a rare and delicous citrus fruit, does not contribute to diabetes, and is adored world-wide.

Please send any questions about this delectible fruit, or diabetes prevention, to the owner of this wonderful site, FP.
Sincerely, IaM


etathed said...

Hmmm those are some weird looking fruits. They look peculiarly lumpy. Is that normal?

jflatnote said...

It's a mikan. They came to the U.S. from Satsuma Province, on Kyushu in Japan, although they don't originate on Kyushu, or in Japan. While their availability in the US is limited to the winter months, partly because of a late fall harvest, mikan are very common in southern Japan and in other parts of Asia, and aren't particularly rare at all.

Big Billiam - NY said...

Mongo got schooled.

Mongo - you want your treat still?
Come up into my sleeper rig.

FPT Team said...

We respect your authority Jflatnote!