Saturday, June 05, 2010

6-Week Feedbag Bender Broken Up Via Intervention From Associates

When bendering heavy with no end in sight, one is lucky to have associates who will step and stop the insanity. Via a well planned physical intervention, Barnabus (the Oregon Coast drifter), Medford Mel & Ad-Hoc Chet have snapped me (FPT Editor) out of a hypno-eating session that was at the 6 week mark. These bold men literally broke down the door to where I had been bendering, held me down and hosed me down until the trance was indeed broken.

I would like to thank them all for what may have turned into a 'suicide by over-snacking' story complete with the news coverage of them sawing my way into my room and using a joist to lift my body out of the structure onto a flatbed truck. Which would then be followed by a story of how when they cremated my body, the massive amount of oil inside of me caused the crematorium to also catch on fire which would take maybe a week to fully extinguish. Above are some photos of the excellent foods I enjoyed on this record breaking food bender - most of what I ate was not photographed as my hands were constantly covered in some sort of sauce or chip residue or lack of ability to move from my big chair to recharge my camera etc.


etathed said...

GD, glad you are back and safe.

Barbas said...

Plus we saved a crematory. Good stuff. Brop.

etathed said...

GD just noticed those peanut butter whoppers! I imagine those are proper?

The Interveined said...

Im sorry Etathed - actual verifiable memories from this bender are difficult to provide.

I did see Big Foot and a large turtle - for sures.