Sunday, June 06, 2010

Doritos Mr. Dragon's Fire Chips - New - Are These A Limited Release?

Back on the ball and with the FPT staff re-assembled, our first bag of snackables came into the test kitchens last night. The highlight being Mr. Dragon's Fire Chips by Doritos.

These are a nice offering - they have a green tinge to them and have the hotness of wasabi. Whats nice is the heat does not stay on your tongue - they give you a nice hot blast - but it subsides. Very bender friendly.

Our concern is that these are a limited time offering only - our people tell us that they have been seen in only one retail shop. If you have seen these in your area - please use the comment link below to share the knowledge.


Jess said...

Send some over? They look neat!

Whaa help ad-hoc said...

I have heard people who cannot find them nor have ever seen them in their regions.

I need more info, please.

Anonymous said...

I found them at my local HEB in south Texas. They were 3.99 a bag. Regular Doritios were 3/6.00 dollars. Still worth it. They re great. I'm trying to find if I can order them online anywhere. So far, nothing.

Anonymous said...

fred meyer in vancouver wa... only 1.99 a bag!

Anonymous said...

I found one lil bag in a spanish store in Providence Rhode Island there was only one bag and I was able to get it before anyone else. That was a while ago I have never seen them again. BRING THEM BACK. In my opinion they are the best doritos I ever ate.