Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taco Bell Salsa Con Queso (From Supermarket) & White Corn Tostitos

Our staffers found this jar of Taco Bell Salsa Con Queso on sale for 2.50 - and these Tostitos for .99cents with an in-store coupon. We commended them for a nice price purchase and set both up together for a pseudo-nacho platter.

Tostiros makes a solid chip - always have. They are usually priced way too high for plain tortilla/corn chips - however when on sale you know youre good with that pick.

This jar from the Taco Bell home fixins line was flat out bad. Everyone agreed that even with the Tostitos as a back-up, this Salsa Con Queso does not make the cut. As Franklin said at the tasting, "This stuff tastes like the old 7-11 squirt machine cheese - before they re-wrote their recipe to whta you get now". The only words we can think of to describe the taste of this Queso is "Hot Rubbery" - and that is not a good thing.


etathed said...

Thanks for the heads up.... I love queso and would have probably picked this up as i am always eager to try a new blend. Thanks to the FPT i wont be wasting my money on this brand!

Thanks FPT!

Anonymous said...

Bought this crap thinking it would be good. I was wrong.