Monday, June 07, 2010

Big Mac Snack Wrap - At McDonald's - We Avoided It - But Seek Your Input

Above we have a coupon page that we found be found behind the soda machine at the FPT test kitchens. We missed this strange offering - as the coupons were months old. However, we cannot imagine this being a good thing - but we are asking you to share your story if you did get to mac one of these Big Mac Snack Wraps during their limited run.

Talk to us via the comment link below - no registration or sign-up - just check the anon or choose own name - no bs - easy to do - please people.


etathed said...

I used to enjoy their chicken ranch snack wraps, though they were always skimpy on the ranch. I dont see need for a burger wrap though. I dont see this lasting.

Jim Hendrickson said...

I love the big mac snack wrap. no bread and less lettuce than the sandwich. good stuff.