Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Moc-McMuffin at Burger King - Our FPT team mobi review

Certainly most of you have seen the commercial where the Burger King guy breaks into McDonald's and steals the recipe for the Egg McMuffin so BK can re-create it and offer it on their morning menu.

One thing you cannot beat is the Burger King price of 1.00 - we have seen the Egg McMuffin at McDonald's for as much as 2.49. Overall - this is a damn good little 1.00 breakfast item. However, we defer to one of our long learned lessons here: you cannot purchase anything from a drive-thru for 1.00 that is truly good. Nuff said.


etathed said...

I believe BK has the best breakfast sammich on the market. The Double croissan'wich with bacon, sausage, egg and chee cant be beat. But for 1 dollar this looks legit.

Blogger said...

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